Saturday, February 20, 2016

In More Papier Mache News....:

In addition to the Papier Mache Vegetarian Boar's Head I just previously wrote about, there was also some recent mask-makery on my end.

Back in 2009, I was asked to create some special costuming elements for our local production of 'The Nutcracker Ballet"...:

2009 Stick Mask props for 'The Nutcracker', "Soldiers" vs "Rats"

Still in use today, in fact the ballet company's cast list has grown and they now needed an additional children's "Soldier" mask for this past Nutcracker season....:

Easy enough to whip up another
(especially with an old one to borrow as an example (because to be honest I kind of forgot how I went about it the first time 'round) )...:

"Soldier Stick Mask", in progress...:

The plain mask I was using to build off this time of wasn't quite the same as the one from 2009 (couldn't find that old style), so adjustments had to be made (which is fine, because really, who's going to notice some wee tiny differences from the house of a 1500+ seat theater? No one, that's who!).,,:

Lots of paper mache layers later, and it slowly comes together...:

A little necessary detail work...:

A little painting....and....voila!  A "Soldier Stick Mask" copied...!

Here's to another successful Nutcracker for the Ballet! 
Always fun keeping it local and working within the community....

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