Saturday, November 22, 2008

My art on ebay for .99...!

The link to my very first ebay art auction, and Nibblefest entry:

I've been intending to mention the Nibblefest Art Contest in my journal here for a long while -- and I suppose since I have actually finally entered it for the very first time, ...ever..., (though I've been meaning to for years) I figure now is as good occasion as any....

Nibblefest (or NFAC, for NibbleFest Art Contest) is a monthly themed contest, whereby artists are invited to submit art auctions, pertaining to the theme, via ebay. All the Nibblest auctions must have starting bids of .99 cents, with no reserve. So, many a bargain to be had there...!

The Nibblefest theme for this month is 'Christmas Trees', so I whipped up this little number as my entry -- a patchwork and folksy 'Evergreen Dreams', painted in acrylics on a 6' x 8' sheet of canvas paper.

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