Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Liberty: Use it or Lose it....

I took this shot this morning as I exited my neighborhood precinct upon performing my civic duty....

Power to the People!

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Donald Maier said...

This is an email I sent out shortly after McCain's consession speach. I was running a fever and was suffering from a urinary infection so I was already a bit irritated. This generated some interesting feedback:

I just tried calling into CSPAN to voice my opinion on the election but could not get through and hung up... fearing I will be unable to sleep tonight, decided to write this mass email and get this off my chest this way. Sorry if it pisses you off, but my hope is that you will agree.

I am an independent who voted for Barack on Thursday. I listen to all sides of an issue and give each an equal opportunity to make their case.

Just watched McCain's consession speach and was disappointed. I heard Wolf Blitzer say that he made a gracious speach. I don't think it was at all gracious. He never once smiled or cracked a joke or poked fun at himself as he often does. He looked angry as usual. He said the name Obama many times, not in unfavorible terms, but you could tell he did not mean what he was saying. And worst of all, he said that this was a time for all Afro-Americans to be proud. Which leads you to believe that all us white Americans should be ashamed. On the contrary, we have all won a great victory tonight. I am so proud of our country tonight. Unfortunatly, and I have been listening to CSPAN callers voice this, there is plenty of hate and fear out there to rebuild the Republican party to what it was. Problem is, what it was was full of hate and fear. That needs to be isolated and marginalized to allow the better virtues that people have to come through.
Don Maier