Monday, March 28, 2011


Ahhhhh, Spring....

And indeed yes, it truly IS Spring, though the recent chilly temps we've been enduring currently here in Illinois would surely have ANYONE believing otherwise (teeth chattering as I type). Regardless, I was delightfully surprised this morning to discover my little "Spring" ACEO above was featured in today's 'Must Have Monday" collection via the EBSQ blog -- thanks EBSQ...! (click for link) (My ONLY regret is not having a more accurate picture of it -- it's not at all as washed out in person as it appears here. Why oh why is it just SO difficult to get accurate/decent images for the web??? Oy...!).


s said...

I'm Joe from Ontario, Canada, just looking at different blogs.
I like your drawing of Spring. I've always wished I could trade one of my uber-talents (jumping to conclusions, talking too much, annoying those around me) for the ability to draw.
Enjoy your talent.
We've got some chilly temps up here too, but soon Spring will arrive properly.
Take care.

Patience said...

Ha indeed, plus 'hindsight is 20/20' and all that... ;-) Thanks for visiting Joe, and thanks for your comment -- kind words much appreciated. Please stop by again -- and stay warm up there! (As much as I love to kvetch about our midwest USA winters, it's easy to ignore the fact there's a WHOLE N'OTHER country up north of us likely to be even more of a frozen tundra ;-)...

GlorV1 said...

Hi Patience. Love your Spring birds. Enjoy the new season. I love your work. Take care.

Patience said...

Thanks so much Gloria :-) -- and here's wishing all my best to you and yours this Spring!

ZÉ ROBERTO said...

Hi Patience!
I loved their work, are very creative and very original.
Visit my blog.
Greetings from Brazil.

José Roberto Minucelli said...

Hi Patience,
I appreciate your kind words entered in my blog.
I found this piece of window lying on the pavement, so I decided to take home and transform it into art. These things are unusual and simple that eventually became a fine art.
All the best to you and your entire family.
Stay with God!