Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Nibblefest Art Contest entry, for 'Water': a painting called "Faith in a Seed" (Plus my #20 and #21 Faces of the '29 Faces' Challenge)

NIbblefest Art Contest: 3.5 x 8 painting, "Faith in a Seed"

The third of my four Nibblefest Art Contest entries, the theme for May being 'The Elements: Fire, Water, Earth and Air"

This is a painting entitled, "Faith in a Seed",  and my entry for "Earth".  It also happens to be my Faces #20 and #21 of the '29 Faces' May Challenge.

The following is my auction description:

"Faith in a Seed"**

".....One of four entries by me for this month's Nibblefest Art Contest (NFAC) (~the theme for May being "The Elements:  Fire, Water, Earth and Air") is an original acrylic painting of vellum, mounted permanently onto a 3.5" by 8" reclaimed wooden board (3/4 " thick).  'Faith in a Seed' is signed and ready to hang (not the original is sharper and more colorful that appears in this flat scan).  This is a 5 Day auction.

This month's Nibblefest theme, 'The Elements', was quite different than usual.  Being as that there are four classical elements (Fire, Water, Earth, Air), we were allowed to enter a total of four pieces rather than the usual limit of three, provided that each pertained to a separate element.  This is my entry for 'Earth'.

I am a gardener, from a long line of gardeners.  Flowers, veggies, herbs, houseplants -- I can't say I'm the best at it, but digging in the dirt has been a source of enjoyment and satisfaction for me for much of my life.  Over the years I've tried to lovingly instill a passion for gardening within my own children (the planting of 'seeds', both literal and figurative), as my parents did with me .  Time will tell to see if it actually 'sticks', but I'm hopeful...."


(**Some might recognize the title from the book by Henry D. Thoreau)

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