Thursday, August 16, 2012

Behold, an Original ACEO by Amanda Makepeace.....

'Tree Frog' original ACEO, by the artist Amanda Makepeace

...and... it's mine.  All mine!

I was lucky to be contacted earlier this month by the lovely nature artist, Amanda Makepeace, letting me know I'd won a monthly giveaway via her Facebook Fan Page, Amanda Makepeace Arts, the prize of which being the above original ACEO.  What a wonderful surprise...!  Having long been an admirer of Amanda's art, I was thrilled to hear this good news.  As it stands I am privileged to own another original ACEO of Amanda's, from back when she and I were partnered up for  EBSQ's annual 'Ripped Off' show last year.  We had each created an original ACEO inspired by the other's work (written about in this blog post), which we then exchanged with one another other.  So it's grand indeed to now be in the possession of another of her works....!

Happily Mr. Frog made the long jury via the postal system up north by several states to me safely and soundly.  I snapped a picture of him upon his arrival:

Mr. Tree Frog says 'Hello'....!

And so the little fella joins my other Amanda Makepeace ACEO, 'Dragonfly Nights' (click for her 'Ripped Off entry description), which you can see below.  In any case I say two original works of art by any one artist definitely a Collection of said artist makes -- now here's looking forward to future opportunities to add more of Amanda Makepeace's pieces...!

Don't they make a lovely pair...?

Many thanks again, Amanda Makepeace.....!


Amanda Makepeace said...

You're welcome! I'm glad he made it there safe and sound. He looks happy sitting next to Dragonfly Nights, or maybe he's hungry... ;)

Lisa Graham said... Amanda's tree frog. I will always think of the very funny Geiko commercials now. They knew what they were doing, didn't they? So does Amanda. :)

Lisa Graham said...

Ha ha...but Geiko is not a tree it. Haha! :)

Patience said...

Ha-ha, thanks Amanda! And indeed, let's hope these two fellows can coexist peacefully here in my collection...! (But if I find the Dragonfly ever goes missing, perhaps I'll know why, lol...! ;-)...)

Patience said...

Thank you so much for the comment, Lisa! And yes, I can totally see why the little Geiko mascot would come to mind -- what with those big eyes and appealing little features ;-) (even though yes, I do believe Geiko actually features a gecco -- still, a cute little green critter so it's all good...! ;-)...). Thanks again!

Marianne said...

Great tree frog painting!

Patience said...

Thank you kindly, Marianne -- and indeed, so happy to now own it! :-)