Monday, March 31, 2008


Just take a look at this little interloper. I don't know exactly how she got into the house, but it sure gave us a surprise. Here she perches atop a framed photo of my children on a hutch in my dining room.

Nor was she easy to catch either -- but happily after several false starts and attempts we did finally manage to get her back outdoors where sparrows belong.

She did bring back a lot of fond memories for me though. Years and years ago I had a dear little sparrow I'd raised as a naked abandoned chick, found tiny and injured in my uncle's barn. She survived her rocky beginnings, though she ended up with a permanently disfigured wing from her long fall, and was physically unable to fly. Since I couldn't release her, she became a very treasured pet. Very Treasured. I named her 'Bird' -- and she had a wonderfully sweet personality. She even imprinted on me (thinking I was her 'mom') and would follow me all over the house. One could never imagine just what an endearing little sweetheart she became -- hunkering down into my hand regularly for cuddles and allowing me to stroke the length of her tiny back gently with the tip of my finger. And give her lots of kisses -- indeed, and this a Sparrow of all things. Sigh, my little 'Bird' -- I still think of her, and miss her lots.

And still love birds to this day....

Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Just a little reminder that Spring is coming soon... (please)?