Saturday, August 20, 2011


"ACEO, Pear Share" (click for auction link)

We are in the month of August. Really??? Seriously how can it already be August, much less the 20th of August? And yet so it is, which can mean only one thing (besides my Mother-in-law's birthday today)...Nibblefest Art Contest!

The contest theme for this month was 'Farm'. Well for whatever reason I didn't think I was particularly inspired by the theme, and consequently stalled and stalled -- and yet when I finally did settle down to work (at the 11th hour), it all came together quite nicely and quickly in spite of myself, and I ended up liking and enjoying what I came up with (will I never learn?). In any case, here is my entry/auction description:

"....A family friend has a wee hobby farm, complete with a small orchard. Every autumn I am invited to head out to the farmstead to pick as many fresh apples and pears as I can manage. With the bounty I prepare homemade sauce and pie filling, canning and freezing up a storm, as well as filling up my dehydrator with batch upon batch of sliced apples, all to enjoy throughout the rest of the year. And so I brace myself -- the harvest season is nearly upon us once again...."

Next month's (September) Nibblefest Art Contest theme is to be 'Ode to Blue'. Interesting enough (-- and perhaps for once I could actually attempt to get my entry done ahead of time...?).....