Saturday, February 20, 2016

In More Papier Mache News....:

In addition to the Papier Mache Vegetarian Boar's Head I just previously wrote about, there was also some recent mask-makery on my end.

Back in 2009, I was asked to create some special costuming elements for our local production of 'The Nutcracker Ballet"...:

2009 Stick Mask props for 'The Nutcracker', "Soldiers" vs "Rats"

Still in use today, in fact the ballet company's cast list has grown and they now needed an additional children's "Soldier" mask for this past Nutcracker season....:

Easy enough to whip up another
(especially with an old one to borrow as an example (because to be honest I kind of forgot how I went about it the first time 'round) )...:

"Soldier Stick Mask", in progress...:

The plain mask I was using to build off this time of wasn't quite the same as the one from 2009 (couldn't find that old style), so adjustments had to be made (which is fine, because really, who's going to notice some wee tiny differences from the house of a 1500+ seat theater? No one, that's who!).,,:

Lots of paper mache layers later, and it slowly comes together...:

A little necessary detail work...:

A little painting....and....voila!  A "Soldier Stick Mask" copied...!

Here's to another successful Nutcracker for the Ballet! 
Always fun keeping it local and working within the community....

Paper Mache "Boar's Head", Redux...!

Boar's Head #1, at a VIP event

Been a wee bit quiet in here as of late I know.  Despite my lack of recent posts I'm glad to say I've still been creating stuff -- it's just that these last few months were busy with several lovely private commissions that had me up to my eyeballs in elbow grease (besides, as you know me, even though I may come and go out of here at times.., I always, always come back.  Eventually.).  

Now that most of these projects have been finished up and sent along their merry ways, it's time for some updating....

Who remembers this li'l cutie (well, pretty big actually) from a few years back....?

Vegetarian Pig Head Scultpure Commission, from 2012

I was recently commissioned to make another of these guys -- a vegetarian paper-mache "Boar's Head/Pig Head", for a customer in the great state of Oklahoma.  
Fun times!

Some progress pics of Pig Head #2...:

Disembodied Boar's Head, in progress:  Sculpting the overall shape (as always, Duct Tape to the rescue)...:

Before attaching his ears, I rmust make sure he will still actually fit into the box I've targeted for re-use as his shipping vessel (He fits!).....

Sculpted piggy ears...!

Ears attached...!  Looking more oinky all the time.

Still, lacking in personality, it's time to work in some detail....

Detaila in place, and ready for painting.  I began with a nice deep, dark undercoat.

Lightening him up gradually (plus painting teeth!)...

Always the fun part, painting ...

Never complete until the requisite apple is in the mouth. 

And here we have "Piggly Wiggly" in his new owner's Oklahoma home.  Happy Customer/Happy Artist!

And, as with my first papier mache head, I'm happy to report once again that no harm was done in the making of THIS (2nd) Vegetarian Papier Mache Boar's Head.

Pig Head #2 at his recent Medieval/Madrigal VIP special event.

Friday, February 12, 2016

A Very Special Commission Project...:

'Mama and Babe Portrait' by Patience, 11 x 14

There's quite a story behind this one....  Without going into too much detail for privacy's sake, suffice it to say the lovely mama pictured here is facing terminal illness.  Though a stranger to me, a thousand miles away and in another country, I put as much love and compassion into this one as I could.  I'm hoping it shows. And I'm so happy and thrilled to be able to say it was really well received by the recipient (the mama), and well on its way to becoming the precious family keepsake I'd hoped for as I was painting it....

Please hug your loved ones a little tighter today....