Saturday, December 8, 2007

'A Single Sprig of Lavender'

Well well. Finally, some actual art for my so-called 'art journal'....

Here we have one of my entries for this month's EBSQ online art show, known as 'The Late Show' (

This particular theme (Late Show) is intended for all the art projects that may have been initiated (or not) during a particular year for any of the previous 11 monthly shows, but which were not finished in time, for whatever reason. It's like being given a second chance to finish up or even start projects. And really, who can't use extra time?

Except in the case of the above painting that is. It actually WAS completed in time for 'The Lavender Show', back in August-- only when I attempted to upload/enter it into the show the evening of the deadline way back when? I'd forgotten to take in account 'Eastern Standard Time'. Since I'm on 'Central', the fact that it was just before midnight for me here meant it was actually AFTER midnight on the east coast, where the site is based. Thus technically I missed the deadline. Drat! Oh well, I suppose that is what one gets when one tries to squeak in too close under the wire, no? At least the Late Show is offered every year in December -- for these very sorts of occasions....

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