Sunday, August 24, 2008

M n' M TLC

Pray tell, what is this ... thing?

Why, just an utterly useless piece of plastic junk.

Or rather, it would be -- except that I have every intention of giving it second life as ... yet another F.A.P. (Future Art Project).

I had written about this M n' M candy dispenser thingy in a previous post ( From whence it came and why we would even have such a thing in our possession I can no longer recall (though I'm certain it involves the kiddos). In any case, it was one of the numerous objects of zero worth taking up more than their fair share of space upon which I came across cleaning our basement earlier this summer.

Given it's shape and rigidity, I think it will make a wonderfully lightweight and sturdy internal armature for a future papier mache project. Rather 'head, neck and shoulders-ish' already in design, or so it seems to me. Furthermore, the perfectly rounded shape of the globe top brings to my mind a pumpkin, or perhaps the moon or some such -- hmmm, might a Halloween theme be in order here?

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