Saturday, April 24, 2010

Mystery Project of the Now....

Well, that title isn't so accurate perhaps -- this photo was actually taken a little while ago now, and it's currently all a bit farther along than this picture suggests (will catch up here soon!). But, as one can still (sort of) see...:

(1) the whole shebang has been moved indoors,
(2) is getting the dread chicken wire treatment,
(3) has tin foil boobs, AND...
(4) is taking up ALL kinds of room in my house...(!)

I regret the photo is not the best, but it has been a little tricky trying to step back and get a good angle for documentation purposes, what with size and clutter, etc. Still hopefully this will lend at least some idea of its continuing state, The Project, with more photos forthcoming as I go along.

So today, my agenda on this rainy overcast Saturday (thank goodness no sunny/warm temptations) is simply to work on it, throughout the day....

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