Monday, May 3, 2010

ACEO May 'Theme Week': "Wildflowers"

"A Trio of Trillium"
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It's been busy around here, but I managed to squeeze in a few entries into this month's ACEO Theme Week (starting on May 1). Well, with a theme like "Wildflowers", how could I possibly resist....?

I've always adored all flowers, but have a particular soft spot for the wild and native ones. I've planted a number of native varieties in my yard, both sun and shade loving -- including Prairie Trillium, which I have nurtured in my shaded, 'woodland' style garden for many years. A real Beauty, it's blooming for me finally -- a true achievement, for as I understand, it takes a full seven years of maturity before setting it's first blossom!


SILVER said...

Thanks for visiting my Food Blog. The sweets and desserts are popular in the South East Region. You're right, some of them did originate from the neighboring country Thailand and we all share the same sweet tooth for an afternoon tea and 'kueh'.

7 years to catch a bloom ? That's a long time, i must say!


Patience said...

Thanks for the comment, Silver -- indeed, one of our favorite Thai sweets that we encountered over there was something we called 'Sugar Burrito', for lack of any better way to describe it from our Western perspective ;-). It was strands of spun sugar (which rather resembled wet Barbie hair) that was tucked into and rolled within pastel colored wrappers which the street vendors cooked up on hot griddles. We also experienced 'Flying Ice Cream' -- a vendor who would fling scoops of ice cream into our cups from several yards away, fun times! (he then topped our ice cream scoops with bits of yellow corn). Then of course there was The Custard -- all kinds....not to mention the bamboo-baked Sticky Rice. And the Sugar Cane. And, and and....

Sigh, I do hope I can make it back to that area again one day, and explore the whole region, including the neighboring countries -- how lovely that would be.... In any case, thanks so much for the comment, Silver...-- all the best to you!



Leola - Southshoreartist said...

I love this aceo of wild flowers of yours and also wanted to thank you for visiting my blog :).....I see you are from the midwest, so "hello" from one prairie girl to another :)

Marlene said...

Beautiful trillium, thanks for stopping by my blog.

Patience said...

Thanks for the comments Leola and Marlene -- please stop by again soon...

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