Saturday, October 23, 2010

ACEO SEHA October Theme: 'Witch Girl'


ACEO: 'Witch Girl'
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Another of my three entries into this month's SEHA (Society of Eclectic Halloween Artists) Monthly Theme, the theme being 'Trick-or-Treat'. Growing up, without a doubt my favorite costume of all was 'witch'. I remember the chewed up old black and flowing choir robe we'd somehow acquired that made the most wonderful 'witch dress' -- that, combined with a hopelessly ratty and ancient long-haired wig, a broom, and a green rubber mask that I'd picked at the dime store up along the way (a little nod to that green mask with the skin tone here -- never mind it was seriously hot and sweaty under there and difficult to breath), I felt perfectly and fabulously Witchy-Poo, and ready to Trick-or-Treat with the best of 'em. Ah, the memories!

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