Wednesday, August 29, 2012

August Nibblefest Update: "Tom's Diner" Ties for First Place...!

NIbblefest Art Contest First Place Award

I was surprised and excited to discover my August Nibblefest Art Contest entry, "Tom's Diner", tied for First Place this month -- what a hoot....!  (Very happy to share the title with the lovely artist, Christine Striemer, AKA CES, who had a truly stunning 'Coffee' themed entry this month).   Thanks so much, Nibblefest....!

In all, I really enjoyed all the 'competition' this go round -- so many nice interpretations on the 'Coffee' theme upon which folks obviously puts lots of time, thought and effort into.  Now that it's over, here's looking forward to the next round of Nibblefest, in September, when the theme is to be 'Cats'.  Well, with a theme such as that, which must surely be one of the most popular subject matters around EVER, I'm hoping for lots of participation in the Contest next month.  I myself am already mulling over some 'Cat' inspired concepts -- which is almost unheard of for me, being the  procrastination Queen that I am, and here we're at least a three full weeks out from the next NFAC, heh.  But a theme like 'Cats' easily conjures up bevvy of ideas -- in any case we'll see how it goes.  (And lastly, a note for anyone reading this who might have a 'Cat'-themed piece he or she has been sitting on....consider throwing your hat in the Nibblefest ring in September -- it's fun (AND addicting)....!)


Lisa Graham said...

I really love this piece. It has a bit of a retro feel to it..and also makes me think of Edward Hopper's painting Chop Suey a little bit. A very interesting perspective too.

Patience said...

Thanks so much, Lisa! Happy you like it -- plus Hopper has to be one of my favorite artists, so it's a lovely compliment indeed....! Thanks again!