Saturday, December 20, 2014

"Logical Nonsense", My Nibblefest Contest Entry for Dec's "BOOKS" theme....

 "Logical Nonsense in Wonderland"

"Logical Nonsense in Wonderland": painted on an 8x10 found wooden plaque

 Nibblefest Art Contest time rolls around once again.  December's theme is 'Books'.  Well, despite it being an especially busy month on my end (for me and EVERYONE else) I wasn't about to sit this one out.   With a theme like "BOOKS", how could I *not* partake...?  And so I managed to squeeze together an entry....

I admit at first I was ever-so-slightly stumped by the Theme, but only because "Books" felt so entirely b-r-o-a-d.  Upon refection, the plethora of potential ideas seemed limitless indeed.  Fortunately a friend came to the rescue, suggesting"Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" -- all that was needed to get the neurons firing in the right direction.  Because what could be more fun to paint than a tribute to Lewis Carroll and his beloved classic....?  

"Logical Nonsense", something at which author, Lewis Carroll, was especially deft!

What I have here did end up quite different in composition from my friend's original suggestion -- but I just went with what I first envisioned when thinking about "Alice" (knowing all too well by now I usually get best results when simply going with what's in my own head).   And so we have here several characters from the story, all while fancifully incorporating the fabulous Mr. Carroll himself....

 Regular followers of my blog/art may recall a few years back, when I painted my own interpretation of The Cheshire Cat , for a past Nibblefest...:

My first in a series of "Alice in Wonderland" tribute pieces

As you can see, he makes an appearance again in this particular iteration, just for fun (or 'grins', as they say), and because I liked him and wanted to paint him again anyway....:

A view from the side, showing the painted edges

So all in all:  fun theme/fun topic -- painted upon a recycled, 8x10 found wooden plaque rescued some time ago from a landfill fate (and held onto all this time).  Here's hoping you enjoy my whimsical entry this month as much as I did painting it....!

More painted edges....

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Unknown said...

Your work is really wonderful!

Patience said...

Thanks so much for the lovely kind words, a long time fan/follower of yours (ie: for example I remember well your Katrina posts), I very much appreciate your stopping by and commenting -- and thanks again!