Friday, July 18, 2008

Dry Try

I worked on my projects for the EBSQ 'Ripped Off' show today and actually made some progress. Very glad to finally have a solid start on them -- so far so good. Now, I need only for what I've completed to this point to dry -- no small order though with the super-saturated humid summer weather at the moment around here. Papier Mache dries so excruciatingly slowly under these conditions -- if at all (twiddling thumbs). Quite painful at times, but in any case, as mentioned, the approach I'm taking for the ripping of both projects is ...(drum roll)... papier mache (surprise, suprise) . Specifically bas relief style, as it's something I've been experimenting with for about a year now and am still wanting to work through. As for the artists I'm ripping, one is Loredana Mariotto ( and the other Muriel Areno ( .

If my camera were working I'd post WIP photos -- but it starting gradually going whack ever since our return from vacation over a month ago, to the point that it's completely unusable now. Very inconvenient, that....

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