Thursday, July 24, 2008

Weather Bound

Sheesh, such a dramatic turn in the weather. After the sweaty steam-bath inferno earlier this week, the dew point plunged overnight -- it truly couldn't possibly be more pleasant at the moment summer-wise. Needless to say, these are perfect papier mache conditions (as well as hanging laundry-on-the-line conditions, both of which I fully intend to do today)....

I woke up this morning with all sort of extremely vivid concepts in my head for altering those ridiculous broken barbies I found when cleaning as mentioned in a previous post -- ideas including, but not limited to: bas relief/paper clay/tons of texture/vignettes/and a reinterpretation of late 18th century costume (???). Whatever the case, the pictures in my barely-conscious mind were really fabulous -- yet already this morning the images are fading dangerously. Perhaps I ought to sketch out a few before I lose the images entirely (or my enthusiasm, for that matter).

At least my entries for EBSQ's 'Ripped Off' are humming along -- I'm actually hoping to have them mostly completed by today (that is unless we decided to drop everything and spend the whole day outside somewhere enjoying the Weather. Not such a bad idea either....).

I've also been preparing a lot of 'supports' for future bas relief-style projects -- once these are finished I'll have quite the pile of them ready and waiting to work with.


arlee said...

Always always always keep a journal/sketchbook by your bed!!!!
Your Nude is wonderful! Pah on the censors :}

And thanks for your comment on my main blog as well :}

Patience said...

Thank you, Arlee -- for the compliment as well as the advice. I do believe I've finally learned my lesson, that being Sketchbooks make the most excellent of bedfellows, lol....!