Thursday, July 31, 2008


(bas relief sculpture, approximately 9 x 12, frame incorporated) My take on Loredana Mariotto's 'Robin Bird in the Snow":
(small bas relief sculpture, approximately 6 x 8, frame incorporated) My take on Muriel Areno's 'Kris Jean's Girls':

Yay! As you can see, my little camera is home again, and back in working order...!

The above are WIP photos of my entries for EBSQ's' 'Ripped Off' show. They need to be uploaded by tonight's deadline, and they are still not yet painted (eek!). Been a bit busy around here (even these photos were taken in a rush)....

At the VERY least, in a pinch, if I don't get them 'officially' done in the next few hours? They could still be technically uploaded as is (even if they aren't actually 'completed').....

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