Thursday, February 2, 2012

'29 Faces' Challenge and Unfinished Business

So, as mentioned in my earlier post, much of my aim for this '29 Faces' Challenge is to use it as motivation for finally finishing up a  hoard of hanging art projects I have sitting around here, annoying me as they do with their unfinished states.  I'm afraid I'm notorious for diving into ideas and concepts before they're entirely hashed out -- then when I get to a point where I might become slightly stuck because things weren't thoroughly thought through, I set the project aside, for 'later'.  With every intention of getting back to it of course, but...well, you get the picture:

A Whole Host of Unfinished Business

The above is a pile of projects I have in various stages of incompletion, many of which were started years ago with the best intentions..., and yet here they sit, unfinished and orphaned.  As you can see we have quite the variety of mediums here -- from aceo's, to paintings, to 3-D papier mache, even painted rocks.  The photo doesn't lie -- plenty 'o' FACES here (and it doesn't even include my forgotten stash of dead and broken Barbies which I'm in the process of altering).   None of it officially completed, none having ever been photographed nor uploaded nor listed anywhere.  Nothing signed.  ALL of it just sitting around, undone, taking up precious studio space while mocking me.  Nagging me.  How great it would be to tie up these pesky loose ends, for once and for all!   And so, this is in large part my objective for this Challenge -- wish me luck....!



Sunshineshelle said...

Good Luck! Love the variety of pieces you have to throw yourself into completing! Also intrigued by the Barbies, sounds like fun :)

Patience said...

Thanks Shelle! Yes, kind of a daunting project really, but I'm determined to muddle through ;-). And as for the dead and broken Barbies, oh yes, those will have their very own blog post one of these days...!

Gina said...

looks like you've got enough work there to run through march as well lol :D XXX

Patience said...

Ha-ha, tell me about! If I can just keep my hands off from starting anything new this month (and the next) maybe MAYBE I'll actually get caught up, lol...! ;-)