Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Day 14 of the '29 Faces' Challenge -- One More Heart Face

Another DIY Valentine Card (scanned before the adding of the lettering "Be Mine)

Day 14 of the '29 Faces' Challenge!   A very special day today in fact, and not just because it happened to be St. Valentine's Day (hence another anthropomorphic heart from me as my Face-du-Jour).  No indeed, but because at some point between this post, and tomorrow's post, we shall be crossing over the exact mid-way mark of the Challenge.  Half-way through, and so far, so good...!

And so things have been humming right along.  As mentioned in a previous post, I have always made homemade, DIY Valentine's cards for my family, therefore I'm really glad I was able to make the Faces theme work 'double-duty' for me, while sort of killing 'two birds with one stone', as it were (though as a bird lover/owner I've never cared for that particular expression).   Having one more anthropomorphic face to share did also make things a little easier for me today in particular, being as that I teach small private group art classes on Tuesdays, so I knew it was going to be a busy one on my end.  For fun, please allow me to share what we were up to  this afternoon via some pics I snapped during one of my classes, in which my students are currently working on some really fantastic papier mache projects (I'm so proud!):

All projects have been sculpted -- they are now in the painting stages (note the 'hotdog' in the foreground)

A large, striking papier mache fantasy sea creature!

The is the underside of a papier mache Falcon

The Papier Mache has been a real hit with the kids
Fanciful/Colorful Papier Mache Projects in Progress

This student finished his p.m. project last week, so spent time painting an awesome Art Journal entry in a book he's altering
A Very Cool Green Papier Mache Dragon, Complete with Wings...!


Laura Holman said...

Hi Patience! Love your heart faces and the student work looks fantastic. I did papier mache with my students years ago. They were huge and it took forever, and we hung them from the classroom ceilings. The kids loved it. Your students are doing an amazing job which proves you are a great teacher! And yes! We're half way through the challenge! I think I will have a love/hate for it when it ends. LOL!

Unknown said...

These anthropomorphic faces are GREAT- I especially love the swirls; I swirl fool :)
And I always enjoy seeing other "in-house" teachers in action! I teach semi-private lessons form my home too! These papier mache pieces are coming along beautifully!

Rebeca Trevino said...

LOVE the HEART face! Nicely done! and you are half-way there!
you should think about posting all the faces in one blog post at the end of the challenge. i bet would be amazing to see all of them together.

the students look like they are having a great time - i have always wanted to learn how to make paper mache - maybe i will do an internet search for a how-to-tutorial - do you you know of any tutorials on line that you would recommend?

Art Play Today said...

Nice heart face and I love your student's progress so far! It must be fun teaching private lessons!

Kaili Williams said...

Again, your use of color is fantastic! I really love the swirls in the cheek & chin. The eyes are so expressive.

Looks like a fun class!

Carol said...

Love your heart faces!!!

Patience said...

Hi yourself, Laura! And thanks so much for your kind comment :-). Indeed, the papier mache really has been a fun project to do with the kiddos -- glad it worked out so well for your art classes as well...! It really does lend itself to so much creativity. My little crew shown here is middle school/high school, so they are what I consider the perfect age for it. For some reason, papier mache often has the reputation as being "Kids' Stuff", and maybe to some extent it is -- though in my experience, the reality is that it actually requires quite a lot of patience and sustained focus and attention, not to mention manual dexterity and control -- traits not usually associated with young kids, heh! ;-) Still, it can be fun for all ages if approached in the right way i'm sure, and it's wonderful how it makes sculpting accessible to all. In any case, thanks again so much for sharing, Laura -- and yep, it's a grrrrreat feeling to know we are at the half-way mark of the Challenge already. Very much fun and going well and all -- still, by the end of the month? I'm expecting to be both maybe a little sad, but also a lot relieved, lol...! ;-)

Patience said...

Hi Stephanie -- lovely to hear from you again! Thanks for the compliment regarding my heart -- plus very nice also to know you are a teacher as well! As for myself I really do enjoy working with the kids -- I just find it a lot of fun. And like you i do teach in my own home (will be doing so tomorrow as a matter of fact) --although in the case of my class yesterday, we are actually using a local church kitchen as a meeting space. Which works out very well, because I'd be pretty hard pressed accommodating quite so many students with their large ambitious projects, in my house, Ha!

Patience said...

Greetings Rebecca! Wow, that is a really terrific idea regarding the end-of-the-challenge blog posting of all the Faces together in one post, I know for me, as hard as I've been trying to keep up with all the participants and their Faces, I know i'm missing large chunks here and there, only because it's not the easest keeping track of everyone....

And as for your question about Papier Mache tutorials -- indeed, the first link that pops into my head is a site called 'the Papier Mache Resource. I mysef am self-taught when it comes to the medium, but I would have found this site terribly helpful in the early days had it been around then...! It's chock-FULL of helpful info regarding Papier Mache: http://www.papiermache.co.uk/ Take a peek and see if there is anything that catches your eye -- otherwise, know that i myself am always open to anyquestions, so never hesitate to contact me with questions of any kind :-)

Patience said...

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and leaving such nice comments about my Heart Valentines, Kristen, Kaili, and Carol -- i really do appreciate everyone taking the time to read and post ;-)

Thanks again!


Rebeca Trevino said...

thanks for the link Patience - i will check it out.

Patience said...

You're most welcome Rebeca! And here's hoping you were actually able to comprehend my response from last night -- I was so sleepy when i wrote my replies and now this morning I'm questioning just how coherent I actually was, lol! ;-)