Friday, February 1, 2013

29 Faces Art Challenge -- The February 2013 Edition

Who remembers when I participated in this internet-wide art blog Challenge last year....?

I actually did so twice.  The first was exactly a year ago, in February.  Being a Leap Year, Ayala, of Ayala's Art, proposed marking the event with a Challenge to the art blogging create a Face for every day of the month.   It was an appealing concept -- and so I did it: 29 Faces, in 29 days (whew!).  The schedule was tight at times, and I do recall a lot of late nights.  But it was a great exercise for me, not to mention how pleasant it was to cruise the Challenge blogs and meet new and interesting folks.  So much so in fact, I even managed to talk myself into participating a 2nd time, when, by popular demand, thanks to the the success of the first Challenge, Ayala instigated a repeat of the 29 Faces Challenge for the month of May -- and I couldn't resist signing on (again). 

For last February's Challenge, I blogged extensively about the personal focus of mine at the time -- the intention to properly finish up a whole gaggle of partially completed art projects that were piled up around here collecting dust (goal met!).  For last May's Challenge, my time was primarily focused on a large art journal project I was working on, whereby I painted guest entries into the homemade art journals of my private art students (goal met!). Despite all the time it took to paint/photograph/upload/blog every single day (and it was indeed VERY time consuming), both February and May were productive months, and the effort well spent.

This time around....?   No particular plans.  Instead, I intend to keep my approach and participation for this round decidedly more casual.  The whole point of this exercise is supposed to be light-hearted and fun, so I'll try to keep it so -- doing my best to keep up of course (but also knowing that falling behind here and there wont spell the end of the world), and with no over-thinking (as my friends know I am wont to do), and no pressure.... 

So stay tuned -- and let the 29 Faces begin....!

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