Thursday, February 7, 2013

Day 7 of the '29 Faces' February Challenge: "Frida"

My Face for Day 7 of the '29 Faces' February 2013 Art Blog Challenge:

"Frida" on a 3" x 4" wood plaque

Guess it was a 'Frida' sort of day today.  Using another one of those funny little, 2nd-hand wooden plaques that I've amassed over the years, I realized I really didn't feel like thinking too terribly much this afternoon.   Plus I figure you can never go wrong with Friday Kahlo (in fact I think it's safe to say you'll likely see more of lovely visage in here before the month is through).....

For size reference:

Photographed (in really bad lighting) with a quarter for size reference


Bestdayblogger said...

Truly wonderful!!! They had her artwork in Toronto Last month and I didn't go! :( anyhow this is wonderful!!!!!!!!

Lizzy Love said...

Lovely painting! I love Frida art! Great work!

Marja's Stamp Addiction en Marja's Creativity said...

Really wonderful. Love the expression. Beautiful face.
lovely greet and nice weekend

Amanda Makepeace said...

Love, Frida! Beautiful painting as always, Patience. :)

Ilona Heimböckel said...

Hahaha, the quarter doesn't say much for me :-), but I already told you I likes this painting!
Thank you for visiting my blog!
Great to have students to work with and guide!

Ilona x

Unknown said...

Beautiful art and beautiful portraits. Thank you for sharing